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Read before contacting me!

This is a joke site! You are supposed to read, laugh and relax!

All jokes comes from readers "as-is", with the chance to offend
  • Some jokes are good
  • Some jokes are bad
  • Some jokes offend
    If a joke offend you, please click on the 'next'-button and remember;
    it is only meant as a joke (not a personal attack against you).

  • Some people laugh, some people dont!
  • Some people understand a joke, some people dont!
  • Some people complain about everything - some people dont!

    Dont email me;
  • when you feel offended by a joke (because of too many blond jokes or because of your religion etc.)
  • when you found a funny joke last week, and now you would like help to find it again (use the search function from here).
  • when you like me to "invent" a joke regarding "x,y,z" (search for such joke instead).
  • when you have found a spell error (most jokes are "as-is" from you readers - including errors and no humour - some has been deleted)!

    You are welcome to email me!
  • If you have anything to say
  • If you email me regarding a joke, please include a link to the webpage or the entire "text" (it is nearly impossibly to find it without).
  • If you are offended, explain why. Dont blame me personal. Then I delete your email instead.